London-based être cécile, the latest acclaimed contemporary brand to make fashion waves amongst those in the know, present to you their new line - être petite.

Driven by a long-standing desire to find core pieces that would rise up to the aesthetics of a chic wardrobe, être cécile was founded by Yasmin Sewell, Jemma Dyas, and Kyle Robinson, who collectively aspired to create a unique ready-to-wear collective, taking inspiration from the cleanliness of French style. The brand's heritage is based around ‘Cécile', an Irish-born artist living in 1960s Paris, with a love of animal prints and a creative flair for fashion. Playing on its original identity as a luxury t-shirt label, the brand finds its voice in subtle injections of humour and lightheartedness within the prints.

être cécile is currently stocked in over 150 international boutiques and department stores such as Colette, Saks, and Selfridges. With the success of the womenswear collection, 2014 marks the launch of a childrens range. Taking the most playful and iconic archived prints and by reworking the colours, a fun, cheeky line is now available for children. Peppered with bulldogs and bright colours, these prints will make an enviable wardrobe on the playground.

Following in the footsteps of its older parent, each collection will be designed with a mini-me focus, ensuring each piece contains an instantly recognizable feature from être cécile. Witty slogans, bold colours and graphic prints will always be at the heart of the designs. This primary collection nods towards all of the aforementioned features, and includes the iconic “Bad Ass Paris” and “Presque Parisienne” motifs that être cécile is so well known for.

The collection is focused around easy basics- luxuriously soft, fleecy cotton sweatshirts, trackpants and bomber jackets as well as cotton tshirts and dresses. The majority of the collection is unisex but with an obvious colour choice for girls and boys. It is an assortment of comfortable casual clothes that really make a statement! 

The brand is produced in Europe with showrooms in Paris, New York and the designers' home of London, where the brand was conceived.


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